How-to: Create a Silent Installer with AutoHotkey and Publish it on Chocolatey

Supposed there is a portable Windows application without an installer and uninstaller, how to create them back? In today's post, we will explore one way to build a Setup.exe using AutoHotkey (AHK), with additional compression of 7-Zip applied to the Setup.exe and remaining files of the portable application for maximum compression, and then wrap it with an outer unattended installer, turning a portable application into an installable one while being suitable also for silent deployment. The application example, i.e. the application for which a setup is created is AeroZoom. While some terminologies are specific to AeroZoom, the general concepts should apply to other software. // ⭐1️⃣ to be built: outer unattended installer written in AHK AeroZoom_Unattended_Installer.exe │ │ // 2️⃣ to be built: 7-Zip self-extracting archive │ └───AeroZoom_7-Zip_SFX.exe │ ├───AeroZoom // portable app example │ │ AeroZoom.exe │ …

Folder Template Provisioner

This Windows batch script provisions (copies) new folders with exact permissions and content from a specified existing folder (template) based on the information inputted by a user via its command-line interface. It hopes to reduce the burden of Windows admins by handling over the task of folder provisioning to users.It uses robocopy /MIR /COPYALL /ZB (built-in) to solve the problem where folders copied using Windows Explorer (a.k.a. File Explorer) may not retain unique permissions and inherit permissions from parent folder.Go to Download FeaturesAccept input from userFirst name and last name (feel free to modify them for other use cases where appropriate)Copy a new folder using specified template folder retaining exact permissions and content using robocopy /MIR /COPYALL named in LASTNAME, First Name format according to user inputSupport of network-shared folder in UNC form (\\...) is availableIn other words, for drives mapped using a drive letters, they are supported by specifying th…

Skills to Get Equipped Career-wise amid COVID-19

Recently, I received an email invitation about writing an article on working from home (WFH) amid coronavirus outbreak. As an IT professional who still does much work in a traditional face-to-face way, that led to my interest in the topic, resulting in a presentation (below) I have done privately and finally this post – this article discusses a way the pandemic has changed our lives and how I personally cope with it career-wise by getting equipped with desired skills on remote-work marketplaces.
Skills to Get Equipped Career-wise amid COVID-19 from wandersick Problem – Coping with Remote Work, the New NormalA wise person once said the only constant is change – have you noticed what has changed during the pandemic?

Lately, people in certain parts of the world are joking weather and safety leave* will no longer be a thing due to the boom of communication technologies such as Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which turned remote work (telecommuting) into the new normal – you and I may still …