VirtuaWin: Another Virtual Desktop Usage

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(Wanted to close all Windows Explorers with a single click, but dare not during file transfer)
I'm the kind who opens a new Windows Explorer whenever I need to go to another folder, instead of locating from an existing one. Sometimes I end up opening a lot of Windows that I'd want to close together with the "Close All" function. However, sometimes during file transfers or other processing (taking ownership, changing attributes, etc) I can't afford to stop it. Here Virtual Desktop helps by moving the critical mission to another desktop without stopping them, now I can close the rest of the Windows!
Also this feature is also good for people under stress. Who wouldn't feel frustrated and tired looking at their taskbar full of tasks? Why not move them to another desktop and feel fresh with a new desktop? For example, during writing, Windows notified me one of my harddrive was dying. While I decided to do data recovery, that takes a long time (indicated in the progress bar of the recovery application), so I just move away the recovery application window to another desktop. Mind freed.
Windows 7 ThumbnailsWindows 7 Thumbnails
(With the windows isolated from my main desktop I can bravely close all Window Explorers on desktop 2 now)
For virtual desktop, I prefer VirtuaWin because I love using a hotkey of it – quickly switch virtual desktops by pressing 'alt' button and moving mouse cursor to corners of a screen.

虛擬桌面 + 遠端桌面的妙合

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